The Barnet Classic Car Club was founded in 2013 following a very successful first Barnet Classic Car Show held on the old Barnet market site, St Albans Road. It was such an enjoyable day that the idea was formed to start a club. Owen Jones very nobly took on the role of Club Organizer and regular meetings have been organized by him until autumn 2021 when a new team took over. Owen circulated a newsletter by email to inform members of meetings and other local classic car events. This has now changed and members are kept in touch through the use of the groups.io email service (please see ‘Contacts’ page for how to join). The ethos of the Club is to “keep it simple” with no subscriptions, but just to provide a friendly forum where all are welcome, definitely including owners of classic motorcycles too. Long may it continue!

Our ‘badge’ at the top of each page is at outline of an Arkley car. So far as we know, it is the only car ever to be constructed in quantity within the boundary of the Borough of Barnet. It was the brainchild of John Britten, an accomplished racing driver of the 1960s, and was based on old or damaged Austin-Healey Sprites or MG Midgets. It consisted of fitting new front and rear ends to the base chassis and it is said that around 1,000 were made.

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