BCCC annual show

The BCCC has run 7 classic car shows, the last one being in September, 2021. The venue has moved several times, but the last two shows have used The Spires NCP car park with the top floor making a very pleasant meeting point. The NCP car park also offers a wet weather alternative with the show being moved to the basement in 2019 due to bad weather. There is uncertainty as to which site we will be able to use in 2022, but the date is fixed for Sunday, 18th September, further details to be announced in June/July. Traditionally the show starts with a parade of cars along Barnet High Street before the cars are available for viewing by the public. The event is free to both participants and spectators. Our aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere so that all can enjoy the cars and we are particularly grateful to Katie Oldham and her backing group who have played for us during 6 or our 7 shows. Katie is a very talented local singer. If you are interested in participating in the 2022 Show, please go to the ‘Contacts’ page. Our aim is to get around 80 cars plus about 10 motorcycles.

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